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Diacritics can be found in most of the European languages. The diacritics (also called diacritical marks or accents) are marks that are placed above, below, across or on the side of the letter and alter its pronunciation or help us to distinguish between words with different meaning but same spelling.



The brochure was created for a Typographic conference held in Prague. The topic of this conference were diacritics in european languages. 


The brochure includes chapters about

  • history, 

  • digitalization

  • design challenges, 

  • list of diacritics

  • use in different languages

  • use in english

  • conclusion

  • bibliographies



Please feel free to enjoy some visible samples of the brochure or contact me for PDF of the whole publication.


For more playful approach to the topic please also view my ENGLISH NURSERY RHYMES book that places diacritics within English language and is demonstrated on famous english nursery rhymes by Mother Goose.