Over 400 miles east of southern Africa, across the Mozambique channel, lies the island of Madagascar, home to some of the world´s most unique animals and plants....


This book was made as a personal project of mine. I wanted to share my love and knowledge of the place with others through it and let the reader explore with me all these interesting facts about the history, evolution and fauna and flora of the world´s forth biggest island. 


The design of the book is playful and flexible to the language of the book that is somewhat duable and combines more serious stanzas with revelant facts with more light language of storytelling. 


Two maps that you see in the spread examples were develeped for both of the book's endpapers, showing where animals included in the book live and thrive. 


The book was made to be able to accomodate various movable components that further enhance enjoyability of the book by its reader and teaches the reader in a playful way. Please see the mock-up video for an example (but note that it is only a work in development at that stage and not a final product).